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What is Sartorial Sense™?

What is Sartorial Sense™? The male’s ability to put together a coordinated, sharp, appropriate and fashionable clothing presentation for himself.

Ok, I get it. Well, not really. But there are many reasons men are not putting much effort into dressing themselves these days. They work from home, gained a bunch of weight during the pandemic, or just flat out don't give a shit.

So what if it takes a bit of effort and some know-how. What doesn't? That's no excuse for NOT taking the time to present yourself appropriately when necessary. Enough with the fucking Lululemon pants or shorts with a t shirt and flip flops. Come on, make an effort when going to a meeting or a dinner. Have a bit of respect for the establishment you are attending. The "I work from home" excuse is bullshit. When you step out of your domicile people can see you. And those of you that think because you are rich, you can walk around like an under dressed slob... Well, knock that shit off!

So now let me shut that down. Cause some of you just said, "I don't care about what other people think". It's NOT about that! It is about the feeling of being well dressed and eye fucked by the others around you. Why? It will present opportunities for you because you will come off as a high status male which works in your favor whether you give a shit about what people think or not. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been approached by men and women just to strike conversation and find out about what it is that I do. How much money you have in your account doesn't matter. Dressing like a gentlemen doesn't take a lot of money. It just takes some knowledge and know-how.

So... Hopefully this sparks an interest in becoming or improving yourself as a well dressed gentleman. We will be diving a lot deeper into all the ways we can achieve this as we continue our journey. I promise you, you will feel and be perceived like a million bucks.

Continued Success,

Wesley J. Szabo

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